About US

    We are the Gomez siblings, born and raised in Guerrero, Mexico. We had humble beginnings in a small town south of our state, where corn was ground in metates and spices were crushed in molcajetes.

    At an early age we started helping in the kitchen, and after many years of working in the restaurant industry, we decided to practice what our parents taught us many years ago, to share our love for our southern Mexican foods.

    On October first of 2010, Las Morenitas opened its doors to prepare dishes with unique ingredients and to bring our families most secret recipes to you. Here, every dish is prepared right when you order it.

    From our extremely spicy salsas, to our handmade tortillas, our objective is to bring our clients beautiful memories and share our traditions.

    We hope you enjoy our signature dishes as much as we enjoy preparing them.
    Thank you for visiting us!

    Urbano and Maria Gomez